Factors that Affects the Quality of a Printed T-shirt

In t-shirt printing, the main goal of an individual is to print a high quality t-shirt. However, it cannot be denied that t-shirt printing requires skills and of course, knowledge on properly printing the material. To make sure that you will be able to have the highest possible quality of a printed t-shirt, here are the factors that you should consider:

Use the right heat transfer paper material

First things first, you need to make sure that you are using the right heat transfer products. And by ‘right’, you should know how to choose the high quality materials. In buying the materials, only opt for reputable companies that can rest assure you for high quality products. There are lots of brands that you can choose from, just make sure that the garments that you are going to use are made out of durable and high quality materials. Using the wrong type of transfer paper or printing in a cheap quality t-shirt will eventually ruin your print. Aside from having the right machine to use, you should also have the right garments to utilize.

Use the materials accordingly

This is where your skills would make use of especially for beginners. If you have spent your whole night creating your design for your t-shirt only to find out that you haven’t set it to mirror mode, then everything will be in a mess and it isn’t always a nice result. Just imagine a negative feature in a picture on your phone, that’s how it would look like. Just make sure that all the settings in the printer are in proper switches before you start the process of printing.

As much as possible, you should run a print test to make sure that the entire design will appear on the transfer paper after you have printed it. Transfer papers are usually pretty expensive, so you should use a regular paper instead for test printing. Make sure that it’s set on mirror mode and after that, you should check if the entire design is able to appear on the paper. You can make some adjustments if it doesn’t and does not finally print it until you can fix any errors if there’s one. Making sure that all parts of the design are included in the paper, and the colours are the same on display on the computer is what you should check out for test printing.

Operate the heat press machine properly

You need to familiarize yourself with the heat press machine. Know the functions of the buttons and switches and make sure that the machine itself is also ready for the printing process. If you want, you can also wipe it off to remove all the dust and dirt and do not be ever afraid to apply too much heat because that’s what exactly you need in order to make sure that the fabric will be able to absorb the film thoroughly.