The Needlework Show

Have you wanted to learn how to create your own beautiful garments but never knew how? Have you been scared of all of the various techniques that go into making a t-shirt, such as sewing and heat transferring?

Well, luckily for you, the Needlework Show is here for you!

The Needlework Show is going to be airing on your local PBS station within the next year or so.

What we’re going to provide is a comprehensive look into the various ways in which people create garments, such as t-shirts, quilts, blankets, and more.

The two main methods that we’re going to showcase are sewing and heat transferring.

As most of you are aware, sewing is the act of combining two or more pieces of fabric together with a thing, colored string. By stitching the pieces together, you’re joining them with a tight bond that’s going to make the whole piece come together.

Sewing has been used for many, many generations. In fact, it is one of the oldest trades that there is. Back in the day of the Romans, the expert sewers were some of the most sought-after tradesmiths around. They held such a prestige that kings and queens would summon them from countries away to make their clothes.

While their status has decreased a bit in modern times, they are nevertheless still very important.

The other trade that we want to touch on is heat transferring.

Most people are unaware about what a heat transfer is. A heat transfer is simply the application of one material onto another by using heat. The most common method of doing so is with a heat press machine.

A heat press machine kind of looks like a flat waffle iron, and operates nearly the same way too. You plug it in, set the temperature, put your materials in, and press. 60 seconds later you have a great creation!

Most people are probably familiar with heat transferring vinyl onto t-shirts. These are the kinds of shirts that your children are wearing during sports. These are all made using a heat press machine. While you can get a heat transfer machine for the home, the ones that often make these shirts are commercial grade.

The art of heat pressing has become more and more popular throughout the years. In fact, heat press machines are becoming one of the fastest selling hobbiest machines! Why? Because they’re very easy, and very fun, to use!

There are actually over 20 different types of heat press machines available for sale. It can be tough finding the best heat press machine, so we recommend that you check out some ratings of heat press equipment here. When choosing a heat press machine, you’ll need to make sure that you’re getting the right one for your needs. That website can help you out.

We just wanted to briefly touch on the two main topics of our show before we launch next year. Please be sure to check us out!